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Join our vibrant Worldwide Sylheti Community and become a valued member of our global family, where we celebrate our rich culture, language, and traditions. Together, we can strengthen our connections, share knowledge, and foster a sense of unity that transcends borders. Embrace your Sylheti heritage with us – Join today!

About WWS

Welcome to the Worldwide Sylheti Site, your passport to the heart of Sylheti culture, wherever you are in the world! Immerse yourself in a global community that celebrates the unique language, heritage, and traditions of Sylhet. Connect, share, and learn with like-minded individuals who share your passion for all things Sylheti. Join us on a journey that transcends borders and unites Sylhetis from every corner of the globe. Discover your roots, forge new connections, and be a part of something truly special. Join us today and let the worldwide Sylheti community be your cultural home away from home!

CEO of BDITDOMAIN Mustafizur Choudhury

Human Resources & Account Manager
Muhammad Abdul Aleem

Community Events

  • Sylheti Cultural Fest
  • Sylheti Heritage Showcase
  • Sylheti Food and Music Festival
  • Sylheti Language Day Celebration
  • Sylheti Unity Picnic
  • Sylheti Youth Summit
  • Sylheti Dance Extravaganza
  • Sylheti Art and Craft Fair
  • Sylheti Sports Gala
  • Sylheti Charity and Giving Back Event

Community Centers

  • Sylheti Community Center of New York
  • Sylheti Community Center of London
  • Sylheti Cultural Center of Toronto
  • Sylheti Heritage Center of Sylhet
  • Sylheti Association and Community Center of Dhaka
  • Sylheti Community Center of Birmingham
  • Sylheti Heritage and Learning Center of New Jersey
  • Sylheti Community Hub of Kolkata
  • Sylheti Cultural and Resource Center of Sydney
  • Sylheti Community Center of Riyadh

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